Online Safety Workshop

On Monday 26th September, we will be holding a Internet Safety evening for all parents, starting at 6:30pm and yo can reserve your place here.

The evening will be led by Tim Rogers who is one of the leading authorities in the UK for the protection of children and is a former Detective for Warwickshire Police, responsible for the management of child sex offenders.

He graduated from The CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) Academy and gained a Postgraduate Certificate in The Forensic Psychology of Child Sex Offenders.  He has an unrivalled track record in the management and understanding of child sex offenders, using his knowledge of how they think and behave combined with his understanding of how children think and behave, to help us protect our children in the world they are growing up in today.

Tim is now a Senior Associate Consultant for the NSPCC and for Balance Education Consultancy, as well as an Associate Consultant for the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service and for Child Protection Training UK.  He also works for a number of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) and charities in the field of safeguarding and child protection, investigating allegations and carrying out risk assessments as an expert witness.




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