How will we cope…?

Back in the summer, Miss Cordon spent four weeks in Tanzania, working with other UK teachers to provide teacher training for untrained Tanzanian teachers.
Whilst there, she was astounded by the lack of resources available to teachers and children, some of whom did not even have paper or a pencil. In spite of these difficulties, teachers inspired their students (up to 120 in a class!) with songs, dances and peer-to-peer learning. Children learnt to count with collections of bottle tops they had brought in from home.
Here at Flitch Green we are extremely privileged with our resources – not only in comparison to many children abroad, but to others in the UK.
This Wednesday, however, children and teachers will be living for a day what is for so many the reality of daily life.
There will be no laptops, no iPads, no Apple TVs and limited paper and pencils.
Miss Cordon led a session with teachers last week to explore different ways of delivering great lesson with limited resources.  The session provided some good discussion around what makes really great teaching, and I’m looking forward to visiting lessons on Wednesday to take some photos create small sketches of what each class are getting up to!
Miss Cordon will be leading a whole school assembly on Tuesday to share her experiences and to set the challenge for the next day.  Here are a couple of photographs from her trip, which she will share – along with more – on Tuesday.

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